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Hotel Culinary Collaborative

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The Hotel Culinary Collaborative provides culinary immersion opportunities to Executive Hotel Chefs through “super stages” in many of the world’s great kitchens, both current and classic. When great chefs collaborate with great chefs, hotels and their guests experience extraordinary results.

The HCC provides hotel owners, lodging brands, and management companies with the opportunity for their Executive Hotel Chefs to engage with our Collaborating Chefs in their restaurant kitchens for one and two week stages.

Collaboration is the lifeblood of any kitchen, and quite often Executive Hotel chefs get caught up in the daily grind of operating their hotel restaurants, room service operations, and catering departments, leaving little time for experimenting with new menu items and learning new cooking techniques.

The HCC provides Executive Hotel Chefs with a unique executive culinary education opportunity in some of the world’s greatest kitchens run by Michelin Star recipients, James Beard Foundation award winners, and Iron Chefs.

Imagine your executive hotel chef collaborating with brilliant culinary minds in the kitchens of chefs like Tom Colicchio, Scott Conant, Michael Schwartz, or Marco Canora.

Famed chef, restaurateur, and James Beard Foundation Award Winner, Scott Conant says: “In order to garner the experience the HCC provides, chefs would have to leave their posts at their hotels and come on board as  sous chefs at  famous kitchens.  The HCC one and two -week “super stages” allow the Executive Hotel Chef to soak in that experience, get energized and bring the passion back to his or her own kitchen.  It is also a fantastic way for hotel brands to reward their top performing chefs and retain that talent.”

For more information about pricing or availability, please contact us via email or call us at 443-994-4365.