Tom Colicchio

  • Craft
  • Craftsteak
  • Craftbar
  • ‘wichcraft
  • Colicchio & Sons
  • Michelin Star Recipient
  • James Beard Foundation Award Winner
    • Best New Restaurant (Craft)
    • Outstanding Chef US
  • Emmy Award Winner (Top Chef) best reality TV show

Photo by Mark Jordan

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Engaging the Talent

The goal is simple:  Find the right fit in a timely and efficient manner in order that a successful, long term relationship between property owner and restaurant operator may be achieved.  If the owner already maintains a mature sense of what it seeks in a culinary partner, we identify the options within that category and invite them to the table.  If the owner seeks guidance, broader perspectives or alternative views, we assist in refining the thought process and present compelling alternatives.

We work with only the best of the best.  From Michelin star chefs and restaurants to James Beard Foundation award winners to media personalities; our network of celebrated chefs and restaurateurs is unrivaled in the industry.

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